About Guadalajara

Guadalajara! The most Mexican city! The Tequila, the Mariachi and the Charrería, were all born in this land. You can imagine now how warm, kind and funny people can be in this city.

Is the second most important city in Mexico, just right behind Mexico's City. Its cultural drive place Guadalajara as a daring, edgy and interesting city.

Guadalajara is well known for its beautiful women and just in case this is not enough... Guadalajara is the home of the most popular soccer team in Mexico: Las Chivas!

Cruz de plazas - Historical Centre

The most symbolic urban space in Guadalajara: A big cross formed with main squares crowned by the metropolitan cathedral just in the middle. This work was designed by Architect Ignacio Díaz Morales. Immerse yourself in the colors, traditions and Mexican art in which the "Tapatía pearl" comes to life. Join our guided tours around the city's Historical Centre. (Free for Hostel Guests).

Multicultural- Chapultepec Neighborhood

The bohemian ambiance, the art and the best parties can be found in this hipster neighborhood in vogue. Join our original Pub Crawl Guadalajara (Free for Hostel Guests) and we go from bar to bar to join the party in the Tequila land!


Festival Calendar

Every year Guadalajara is set to be home of important cultural events such as: Festivals, expositions, commercial fairs and concerts by artists of international renown.


Turismo Guadalajara

Festival Internacional de Cine de Guadalajara

Festival Corona Capital Guadalajara

Festival Cultural de Mayo

Encuentro Internacional del Mariachi

Fiestas de Octubre

Festival coordenada

Feria Internacional del Libro de Guadalajara


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